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Directions for Where in Contra Costa County

Page history last edited by Theresa 11 years, 10 months ago


Develop at least 5 clues that will help other classes identify your school.  Use information about the history of the school or town or other elements that you think would help. (This would be a great opportunity to begin using Internet research skills!) Once your class has developed the clues, please post them on the ICN wiki.


HINT: Try to find your school using the clues you posted! If YOU can't solve it, everyone else will probably have a tough time, too, and you might need to rethink your clues. Thanks to the teacher who made that suggestion! 




1.     Don’t name your school.

2.     Don’t name the town in which your school is located.  

3.     Don’t use GPS coordinates.

4.     Do find unusual facts about your area.

5.     Do include hints about your town or city.

6.     Do be creative!


Suggested Topics


·        Political figures from your town (Who is the mayor? Is there a legislator from the town?)

·        When was your school built? After who or what was it named?

·        Weather trends (i.e., what is the average temperature for your town/school?)

·        Direction and/or distance from a well-known place (i.e., how far is your school from the Sunvalley Mall?)

·        Landforms near your school

·        Major crossroads near your school

·        Favorite local hot spots (i.e., where does everyone from school go for pizza?)


Sample clues for Theresa and Amy's location:


We are located behind the Contra Costa County Central Library.


We are located at the corner of Oak Park Blvd. and Monte Cresta Rd.


We are located in the same building as the County Superintendent's Office. (Bonus Points- Do you know his name?)


The nearest coffee shop is called Latte Da.





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