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K12 Programs

21st Century Abe Lincoln

Grades 9-12; Higher Ed

February 4, 2009


Open to Non-MAGPI and MAGPI Members

What do Mexican mentalists and YouTube have to do with Abraham Lincoln? This interactive panel discussion delves into the creative processes behind 21st-Century Abe, an innovative and multifaceted web-based project from the Rosenbach Museum & Library exploring the life and legacy of Abraham Lincoln through historic documents, commissioned artistic interpretations, and visitor-generated content. This program offers a unique preview of the project before the full site officially launches on Feb. 12, 2009. The panel will include an interactive discussion about the relationship of art & history, modes of alternative storytelling, and the opportunities and challenges of web 2.0.

Does Climate Change Equal Global Catastrophe?

Grades 9-12

February 18, 2009 * 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. ET


Open to Non-MAGPI and MAGPI Members

Part of the Science in the Cinema project! Join Dr. David Robinson, Chairman of the Department of Geography at Rutgers University and New Jersey 's State Climatologist for a discussion on the facts and fiction of Climate Change. Scenarios presented in the movie, A Day After Tomorrow, will serve as a starting point for the discussion. Students should be familiar with the movie, (at minimum, the portions listed below) and should prepare questions ahead of time for Dr. Robinson.

Youth and Violence: An Global Exploration

Grades 9-12

February 26 – May 15, 2009 * 9:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. ET


Open to Non-MAGPI and MAGPI Members

Youth violence is a social problem that affects many different countries and cultures around the world. Although the root causes of youth violence (such as poverty, war, drug use and prejudicial beliefs) vary from country to country, the resulting symptoms of youth violence are universal. Feelings of alienation, connectedness and hopelessness are experienced to some extent by all youth offenders regardless of race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation or gender. Bringing students together from different countries, this workshop will take a cross-cultural look at how youth violence varies in different regions of the world and how young people can break the patterns of violent behavior and prevent it from following them into adulthood. Over a period of four months, students will work together to explore this issue and then create digital media projects that tell their own community’s story. A digital media project festival will conclude this project.

100th Day of School Celebration

Grades K-2

March 12, 2009 * 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. ET


Open to Non-MAGPI and MAGPI Members

Celebrate the 100th Day of School in this national celebration! The 100th day of school is more than just a milestone worth noting - it's the perfect time to have fun with the number 100. Jake learned all about the 100th day of school in Jakes 100th Day of School , written by Dr. Lester Laminack. Read the book, create your own class 100th Day of School project and share your experiences with the author during this exciting videoconference event!

Alex's Virtual Lemonade Stand Project

Grades K-12

March 23 through April 3, 2009


Open to Non-MAGPI and MAGPI Members

Kids helping Kids Make a Difference! Join other schools across the country as they host lemonade stands to raise money for pediatric cancer research and participate in other related projects. Schools will collaborate with each other through a blog, a special "kick off" videoconference spirit rally and closing project collage videoconference event. During this two week project, each school will hold their own lemonade stands to help raise funds for pediatric cancer. Schools can hold one big lemonade stand day or a series of lemonade stand events throughout the two weeks. After each day of sales, schools will report their totals through the website. Last year we raised more than $23,000. Think we can double it?


Heather Weisse Walsh

MAGPI Applications Coordinator

3401 Walnut Street, Suite 233A

Philadelphia, PA 19104

e: hweisse@magpi.net

p: 215-573-6417

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