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Middle and High School Where in Contra Costa County Clues

Page history last edited by Theresa 10 years, 9 months ago

Use the clues to identify each school!


How did your class do??


High School was the first school to identify the others correctly! Well done, SRVHS!!


E-mail your guesses to Theresa  by Friday, January 23, 2009.

Answers will be posted here on Monday, January 26, 2009.


School A-


1. SF Giants player Randy Winn attended our school.


2. The name of our school is misleading about the location of our school


3. We have a farmer's market that takes place near our school on Thursdays and Saturdays


4. A very competetive high school was added to our athletic league this year


5. When the school was first built, there was a hitching post for horses in the front of the school.


Do you know where we are?


School B-


1.  Our city boasts three 18 hole golf courses despite a population of around 50,000.


2.  Marsh Creek runs throughout our city.


3.  All four of our district's schools, including ours that recently had its centennial celebration, have patriotic names.


4.  Some have an Octoberfest, we have a CORNfest!.


5.  Before it becomes a two to four lane highway (on each side), Highway 4 runs directly through our city, stoplights and all.


Do you know where we are?


School C-


1. A railroad once ran behind our school. It was replaced by a trail created in 1891 that 

bears our name.


2. We are located in the heart of the East Bay, in Silicon Valley. Our city received the title,


3. We are one of the top 36 schools in the nation having been awarded a Blue Ribbon and


4. The Panthera onca is our school mascot.


5. Our school colors are the same as The San Jose Sharks.


Do you know where we are?




two distinguished school prizes.

City of the Trees.

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