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People in the News

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Directions: Please upload your article (saved as a Microsoft Word 2003 or later file) by clicking on "Images and Files" on the right hand side of the page and browsing to locate your file. Then, on this page, enter the title of your article, the author(s), grade level, and the school. Highlight the title of your article on the page, then click on the file in the list of files on the right hand side of the page. Your article title should now appear underlined and in blue.



The Effects of Water Bottles on the Environment

By Theresa Gabor

Contra Costa Elementary



National Hero brings pride to Danville

by Cristina Smith



Chris Brown and Rihanna Fight

by Jerry Silva

Grant Elementary


St. Patrick wasn't really Irish?

By Ruby Rodriguez and Giselle Ramirez (5th graders)

E.M. Downer Elementary School


Super Bowl XLIII (43)

By Carlos KuCeja (6th Grader)

E.M. Downer Elementary School



By: Kalina Pang, 5th Grade, Walt Disney Elementary


The Gover-nator’s ‘Slimming Down’ of the School Year

Alex Belt & Karleigh Craig, 11th grade, Liberty High School


Presidential Candidates


4th/5th Grade, Los Medanos Elementary



A Day In the Life of Beyonce

Jalin McGee 

Grant Elementary



Obama Stimulus Plan

Justing Salamanca

Grant Elementary



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